What Does Zengage Mean?

The meaning of Zengage is simply to engage your soul to take advantage of your many hidden inner gifts. It’s also the ability to connect with everyone on a human level and to find your purpose that is higher than you.

My story

From 2006 till now

My digital marketing journey began back in 2006 after I left my full time job as a manager for one of the biggest telecommunications companies in the country. I started my own video production company and quickly realised that having a website was not enough especially if the right people didn't see it in the search engines. After studying SEO and digital marketing and seeing what worked or not, I realised I was good at getting my site to the top.

I decided to build it into a business and formed 'The Expert SEO Company' in 2006 and merged with 'Mad Scientist Social Media' in 2013 and formed 'Mad Scientist Digital' with Ian Hopkinson. During that time, I have conducted countless workshops and training sessions in all aspects of digital marketing and have appeared in over 100 training and informational videos.

I have realised that digital marketing today, extends far beyond product-based sales models. Staying competitive requires  businesses not only to deliver a coherent message, but to have an authentic online presence across a vast variety of media channels.

There is a lot of misinformation on the web as to how digital marketing in all its forms really works. The fight to rid the internet of these 'fly by nighters'  with their poor and misleading advice is never ending. Zengage.Online is only a small part of that struggle by providing up to date information for those in the industry, or those looking for a way to make a start in it. 

Words I live by

“Knowing that I don’t know everything and that even geniuses can improve everything they do”

— Andrew Radics

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