Why a Career in Digital?

Jul 19 / Andrew Radics
You probably already heard about the hype:

  • Digital marketing skills are in high demand

  • The digital skills gap will widen

  • The job market is busting at the seams

  • Brands are focusing on digital marketing more than ever

Why a Career in Digital?

Since the global recession, graduates have plunged into a world of insecurity, job shortages, and dread. However, a wide range of digital marketing jobs means an enormous variety of career opportunities. This gives those studying digital marketing a unique competitive advantage as they prepare for a career in which demand outstrips supply. 2 million new digital jobs are expected by 2020 in the UK alone (let alone the world). But, unfortunately, there are not enough digital professionals to fill them all.    

It's a great feeling to acquire new skills to make your career future-proof, increase your job security, and improve your career prospects. Digital titans such as Google and Airbnb are always looking for new talent, especially in emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence becoming mainstream and offering scalability.    

In terms of customer benefits, AI can help increase personalisation and response times to queries using technologies such as chatbots. With a wide range of new opportunities, digital marketers can afford to be pickier about the type of business they want to work for. We encourage you to take advantage of this and think about what kind of company would best suit your career needs.  

 As digitalisation advances rapidly, employers around the world are looking for qualified employees to fill skill gaps in their organizations and advance corporate goals such as leadership in sales and brand awareness. There are enormous opportunities for digital professionals in all roles across all industries. 

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