Why a Career in Digital Marketing is a Good Idea in 2021

Sep 15

While this may seem like good news for recruitment agencies, the constant demand for skilled marketers will mean that employers must step up their game in recruiting and retaining talent. This is especially true when there are more people than jobs (competition for talent). 
However, you shouldn't let that stop you as the career prospects of digital marketers are bright, and the demand for such skill sets is still very high. We will discuss this further in this article.

Is it Easy to get a Job in Digital?

It is never easy to get a job as an entry-level marketer, but the good news is that there are jobs out there and the demand for marketers is expected to grow even more in 2021 and beyond. 

What Skills Do I Need to be a Digital Marketing Professional?

You will need strong knowledge in the following areas:
- Social Media Marketing
- Community Management 
- Content Marketing 

The tasks in digital marketing are quite varied and often depend on the company you work for. However, a typical day could look like this:

You start off at your desk , checking your emails, catching up on social media and getting ready to review the performance of your latest blog post.

You log into the Google Analytics account you have access to for your company and write down all the key metrics in a spreadsheet. You check out where all the traffic is coming from, dig through time-specific trends, check what the conversion rate is, create a heat map, and check the bounce rates.

You take all of these metrics and work out where you want to focus your efforts in the future. Is there a particular blog post which is bringing good traffic but has a low conversion rate ? Are people dropping off before they discover one of your best pages on your website or your best product ? Are people using the search function on your website ? All of this information will be invaluable when you're looking to focus your efforts.

How Can I Get Experience If I am New to Digital Marketing?

You can start by writing a blog and looking for opportunities to write guest posts on popular sites in your area of expertise. You can also look for opportunities to get involved with the social media accounts of your favourite brands and companies.

Having a strong portfolio is very important in digital marketing so make sure to include it when you're applying for jobs and internships or asking people if you can write guest posts for their blog. Another way is to look for jobs on websites like 'Indeed' and some companies may hire newbies or interns.

Another great way to get experience is by reading up on trends and news about digital marketing. Once you know what's going on, start building a portfolio of your work so that when you're applying for a job people can see it and be impressed. It's also really important to have social media experience in some shape or form.

When looking for a job as a digital marketer, you should have experience with search engine optimisation (SEO), paid or earned media, and social media marketing or campaigns. Other things to keep in mind are knowledge of HTML, analytics platforms and their data interpretation.

In larger companies, digital roles are divided into different specialisations. Each may have a specific focus: social media marketing, SEO and content development or online advertising and purchasing traffic for advertisements. The titles used vary depending on the company and specialisation: search engine marketing (SEM), paid advertising or search engine optimisation (SEO) can be typical roles.

What Education Do I Need?

While a degree is not necessary, it's helpful to have one in a related field such as marketing or business administration. Many positions also require experience with digital marketing as an intern or as part of an apprenticeship program.

There are no formal education requirements for these positions in most case , but a degree in marketing, advertising, business administration or related field can be beneficial. Many companies also prefer candidates with some experience in digital marketing - as an intern or as part of an apprenticeship program.
Added to that, a good idea to get ahead is taking an online digital marketing course to gain digital marketing skills and get a head start. Even if you haven't had much experience in marketing, taking a course will give you a great advantage.

 However, online courses that tell you that you will receive a diploma in digital marketing are really deceiving you. There is no accredited body for digital marketing so the diploma will only be to certify that you have taken their course but it has no real 'weight'. 

Are All Companies Looking for the Same Type of Candidate?

Job description for a digital marketer typically is fairly standard in the industry . However, what the employer is looking for varies according to the industry and company. For example, a digital marketer in retail will differ from one in finance.
Digital marketing professionals may work with different types of companies or organizations - from small local shops to large international corporations. Where digital marketers are based depends on the size of their company, their resources and available workforce. They can be located anywhere in the world, depending on where they source customers.

To get a job in digital is easier than in previous years because many people are looking for digital marketing jobs. If you have a desire to become a digital marketing professional, it is definitely worth it. People will always be interested in new technology, so having an interest in digital marketing can help you succeed later on down the road. Future trends point towards businesses having an increase in their marketing budgets and wanting more digital marketing. If you work hard now, the rewards will come later on down the road as businesses continue to need more people like you.
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