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Internet Marketing Lies Exposed (2021 Edition)

Many turn to the net in the hope of making the extra income that’s lacking in their regular jobs. Others have a dream of making it rich on the net virtually overnight. Others still want to see if they can do it. The sad fact is that most of these people will fail at internet marketing. Why? It’s not because they are stupid. It’s more about being a little gullible or ill-informed about how internet marketing works.

There are so many fraudulent internet businesses out there that prey on the ignorant, the lazy, the desperate or just plain greedy. They make money off people that can least afford it, offering them riches beyond their wildest dreams.

This simple course will give you the insights you will need to avoid the traps and the money pits that are often associated with internet marketing.
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Meet the instructor

Andrew Radics

My digital marketing journey began back in 2006 after I left my full time job as a manager for one of the biggest telecommunications companies in the country. Since then, I have conducted countless workshops and training sessions in all aspects of digital marketing and have appeared in over 100 training and informational videos.
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