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There Is Now a Demand for Almost 300,000 Australian Professional Marketers in 2021 

The Trend is Similar in Most Other Countries

Digital Transformation is Driving this Skills Gap, with Demand Staying High for Digital Professionals

Australia's enormous skill gap will continue to plague advertising in 2021, with an increasing mismatch between job seekers' skills and those needed by companies, according to the Hays Job Report. Concerning in-demand technical marketing skills, the report found that growth in digital marketing and social media specialists, is a reaction to the competitive online space.

According to this report, data-based marketers are in demand, and businesses are increasingly seeing digital advertising as representing the voice of the client, which can be accomplished by utilising data to produce evidence-based decisions.

When making hiring decisions, this translates as employers wanting digital marketers who will identify relevant insights and apply them to benefit their organisations.

Some Key Facts Regarding the Digital Marketing Industry

  • Demand for digital marketing skills has increased by 92% in just 5 years
  • The annual trends report from McKinley's Marketing Partners, 61% of companies surveyed expect to add digital marketers to their teams
  • Growth in digitally focused jobs exceeds total marketing employment by 30%
  • More than 45% of our part-time students receive support from their employers
  • The hottest trend at the moment is mobile advertising, which has grown by a staggering 50% in the last year
  • Mobile advertising is expected to continue to lead the industry for the foreseeable future

Learn the Key Digital Marketing Skills Required by Employers

Become Familiar with the Lingo, Walk Into a Job and Be a Digital Marketing Rockstar From Day One

I Will Help You Unlock Your Inner Potential So You Can Excel In This Exciting Marketing Field

Some of What You Will Learn in This Course

What is SEM?

What is Schema?

What is SEO?

What is Local SEO?

What is On-Page SEO?

What is Google Analytics

What is Off-Page SEO?

SEO Myths Exposed

Digital Marketing Channels

Who This Course IS For

This course is for anyone who:
  • Is a business owner and wants to know the basics of what digital marketing is all about
  • Is looking for a career change and wants to know the basics of digital marketing 
  • Is already in traditional marketing but wants to know how digital marketing can be incorporated into their offering
  • Needs to brush up on their digital marketing knowledge
  • Wants to learn what digital marketing actually is without having to sort through the 'noise' online

Who This Course is NOT For

This course is not for you if you want:
  • Advanced knowledge of digital marketing and SEO techniques
  • Help with implementing a digital marketing strategy 
  • Help with implementing a search engine marketing strategy
  • Help with implementing a social media marketing campaign
  • Help to implement a search engine optimisation campaign

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