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Did you know a new career can be yours in this dynamic and fast-moving industry by learning the skills you need in just a few hours?

Do you ever wonder why you hesitate in pursuing that career in digital?

Here's the reason why the above is frustrating: you do not have a clue where to start in bridging the gap between what you think you know now about digital marketing and what you HAVE to know.

Let me explain: When you do a search in Google for digital marketing, literally over two, that’s over two billion potential results pop up in your browser. If your knowledge isn’t the best or very sketchy about this subject, how would you know what you are reading is true, up to date or simply pure lies designed to sell you something? You need a source of truth from someone who has been in the industry for over 15 years.

If you choose to go for it alone and try and educate yourself with what you find online, it could be a very hit and miss affair. Even if you manage to find a new position in marketing, you might be passing on false or misleading information to your clients and hence, you reflect badly on your new employer.
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The big question on my future students minds is...  

“how can I get into the digital marketing industry and know what I’m learning online is true”?

“How do I know that what I’m reading online to educate myself in digital marketing, is really true or just a pack of lies or ignorant gibberish”?

My name is Andrew Radics and I am a founder of a successful digital marketing agency called Mad Scientist Digital and an online course business called Zengage.Online. I've been in the digital marketing industry for over 15 years.

Very early on, I discovered there is a lot of misinformation out there about what search engine optimisation and digital marketing is and how it really works. Because of this, I decided to share the information with anyone who is prepared to put some effort in to educate themselves and get on the road to a more prosperous and happy future.

It took me many years of experimentation with what works and doesn’t work, not to mention countless failures to achieve great website rankings and traffic. But I finally learned what digital marketing is all about and I want to share my years of expertise with you

Now, you can have that insight too

Inside my ‘Learn Digital Marketing Fast’ online course, you'll find 11 modules, 24 in depth videos covering the essential aspects of digital marketing, a quiz after each module and a final exam at the end of the course to test your newfound knowledge. There are also pdf transcripts of each video to help you retain the information in written form. 
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What Does This Course Cover?

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Module 1.
• Why Digital Marketing? Who This Course is For

• Introduction - How to Navigate this Course
• Welcome and Thank You
• Who is This Course For?
• Why a Career in Digital Marketing?
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Module 2.
• Basic Outline to Digital Marketing

• What is Digital Marketing?
• Brief History of Digital Marketing 1990-2020
• 8 Most Common Marketing Channels for Traffic
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Module 3. Paid and Organic Search Marketing

• The Difference Between Paid and Organic Search Marketing
• More on Organic Search
• Paid or Organic – Which is More Effective?
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Module 4. Social Media Marketing

• What is Social Media Marketing
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Module 5. The Many Facets of Search Engine Optimisation

• How SEO Works
• The Importance of Keywords
• What is On-Page SEO?
• What is Off-Page SEO?
• What is Local SEO?
• Optimisation for Mobile
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Module 6. Search Engine Marketing

• Basics of Search Engine Marketing
• Can SEO and SEM Work Together?
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Module 7. Google Search Console

• Introduction to Google Search Console
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Module 8. Google Analytics

• Introduction to Google Analytics (GA4)
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Module 9. Busting SEO Myths

• Busting SEO Myths
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Module 10. Structured Data

• Introduction to Structured Data
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Module 11. Wrap Up

• The Complete Digital Marketing Picture Part 1
• The Complete Digital Marketing Picture Part 2
• Final Exam
Lesson series

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Andrew is able to present complex concepts and workflow procedures in a way that is engaging and quick paced without leaving anyone behind. His manner is friendly and demonstrates passion for his topic and I especially enjoyed the little moments of humour sprinkled throughout his presentation
John Paul Jones [Digital Entrepreneur]

Who This Course IS For
This course is for anyone who:

  •  Is a business owner and wants to know the basics of what digital marketing is all about
  •  Is looking for a career change and wants to know the basics of digital marketing 
  •  Is already in traditional marketing but wants to know how digital marketing can be incorporated into their offering
  •  Needs to brush up on their digital marketing knowledge
  •  Wants to learn what digital marketing actually is without having to sort through the 'noise' online

Who This Course is NOT For
This course is not for you if you want:

  • Advanced knowledge of digital marketing and SEO techniques
  • Help with implementing a digital marketing strategy 
  • Help with implementing a search engine marketing strategy
  • Help with implementing a social media marketing campaign
  • Help to implement a search engine optimisation campaign

Today, you can begin to build your knowledge and understanding of how digital marketing really works

Or you can continue to experience frustration, anger and disappointment in your current marketing role or career

But there is a cost of inaction:

• That feeling of dread when wake up in the morning knowing you have to face a job you really dislike

• That feeling of hopelessness when you don’t get the satisfaction from a job you don’t want to be in

• Getting angry and annoyed at yourself because you can’t seem to get motivated to do something about your situation

• Feeling depressed because you hear your friends and relatives talking about how much they love their jobs
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Get “Learn Digital Marketing Fast” online course for just $990
(Normally $1980)

We will help you unlock your inner potential so you can excel in your professional field. Boost your confidence, master the field, become a certified professional.
I found the course informative and valuable. I left feeling confident that I had the skills to put in place a successful SEO strategy for my start-up environmental engineering business. I look forward to working with Mad Scientist Digital increasingly as my business grows.
Stephen Pereira 
I recently attended one of your SEO workshops. It was very informative and it helped me understand how my website works. Since then, I have improved my website and increased my traffic. 
Costa Athanassiou 

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