Digital Marketing & SEO:
The Last Unsolved Mystery of the Modern Era

"It's all a Scam"
"Search Engine Optimisation is NOT real"
"SEO Companies are a Rip-Off and Selling the Invisible"

Business owners have made these claims. Individuals have made these claims and more. To most, search engine optimisation is a mystery or a major scam industry. But it's only a mystery or a scam because they haven't taken the time to understand it. There is no reason why it should remain a mystery. After all, it's not rocket science.

Some Key Facts Regarding the Digital Marketing & SEO Industry

  • Demand for digital marketing skills has increased by 92% in just 5 years
  • The annual trends report from McKinley's Marketing Partners, 61% of companies surveyed expect to add digital marketers to their teams
  • Growth in digitally focused jobs exceeds total marketing employment by 30%
  • The hottest trend at the moment is mobile advertising, which has grown by a staggering 50% in the last year
  • Mobile advertising is expected to continue to lead the industry for the foreseeable future

Learn the Key Digital Marketing/SEO Basics 

Don't be left behind when it comes to knowing what sEO is all about

Above all else, stop the rip off that a lot of SEO agencies are guilty of

Stop getting ripped off by SEO Agencies that promise the world but get no results

Often You Don't Get What You Pay For

It’s frustrating because you are not getting what you paid for. However, it need not be like that anymore with what I have to share with you.

Let me explain:

Once you know the basics of what they are supposed to do for you, your days of being in the dark and being told that SEO and digital marketing are a ‘mysterious’ things, and in the hands of the Google gods, will be over.

Would it surprise you to learn, that 7 out of 10 businesses don't understand how Google works and are frustrated and angry? 

If you don’t take action right now, you are wasting your hard-earned money and throwing it out the window.

Do These Scenarios Sound Familiar To You?

The Promises

  • You get unsolicited emails, phone calls or visits from a representative of an SEO agency and they all promise that your business is their number one priority

  • ​ They promise you first page rankings with an ROI that is "out of this world" in a short space of time

  • ​ They promise to fix all of your websites numerous errors

  • ​ They promise you will get a comprehensive SEO report to track your websites performance each month

  • ​They promise to submit your website to all of the search engines and online directories
  • ​They promise to set up your Google Analytics and Google Search Console as part of their service

  • ​They promise they will move heaven and earth to get you those first page (if not number one) results

  • I could go on and on with this list but I think you get the idea of whats going on here.
Lesson series

The Unfortunate Reality


"Andrew is able to present complex concepts and workflow procedures in a way that is engaging and quick paced without leaving anyone behind. His manner is friendly and demonstrates passion for his topic and I especially enjoyed the little moments of humour sprinkled throughout his presentation".
-John Paul Jones Entrepreneur

"I recently attended one of your SEO workshops. It was very informative and it helped me understand how my website works. Since then, I have improved my website and increased my traffic".
Costa Athanassiou 
  • Once they have your upfront payment, you rarely hear from them after the first couple of weeks and you have to chase them for answers

  • ​​You don't have first page rankings for any of your agreed upon keywords and as for the ROI, you are still waiting many months later. To you, ROI will begin to stand for 'REFUND OUR INVESTMENT'!

  • Your website is as full of bugs as it ever was and in some cases, even worse after you signed on with them

  • ​​Your 'comprehensive' SEO report each month consists of a few keyword rankings which usually get lower instead of higher every month or, worse case scenario, you get no reports at all, only crickets

  • ​The reality is that submitting your website to all of the search engines is a farce. It only sounds impressive. After all, who wouldn't want their site on Google, Bing and Yahoo. When these search engines find your site, it happens for free without anyone having to do anything!

  • ​They might set up Google Analytics but do half a job on it. As for Google Search Console, most don't even know what it is much less set it up for you

  • The only thing most of these SEO agencies move is from one disgruntled client to another

It's Time for You to Fight Back and Hold Your SEO Agency Accountable

Some of What You Will Learn in This Course

What is SEM?

What is Schema?

What is SEO?

What is Local SEO?

What is On-Page SEO?

What is Google Analytics

What is Off-Page SEO?

SEO Myths Exposed

Digital Marketing Channels

Don't hesitate

Take your knowledge of digital marketing and SEO to a whole new level!

Who This Course IS For

This course is for anyone who:
  • Is a business owner and wants to know the basics of what digital marketing is all about
  • Is looking for a career change and wants to know the basics of digital marketing 
  • Is already in traditional marketing but wants to know how digital marketing can be incorporated into their offering
  • Needs to brush up on their digital marketing knowledge
  • Wants to learn what digital marketing actually is without having to sort through the 'noise' online

Who This Course is NOT For

This course is not for you if you want:
  • Advanced knowledge of digital marketing and SEO techniques
  • Help with implementing a digital marketing strategy 
  • Help with implementing a search engine marketing strategy
  • Help with implementing a social media marketing campaign
  • Help to implement a search engine optimisation campaign

Enrol Now! Start Your Journey and Take Back  Control

— Andrew Radics - Founder & Head of Search at Mad Scientist Digital and Founder of Zengage.Online

Digital Marketing & Search Engine Optimisation Specialist and Instructor
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My digital marketing journey began back in 2006 after I left my full time job as a manager for one of the biggest telecommunications companies in the country. Since then, I have conducted countless workshops and training sessions in all aspects of digital marketing and have appeared in over 100 training and informational videos.
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